One Single, Modular Platform
RiskAuthority centralizes and stores all your Basel III capital and liquidity risk data in a single risk platform (RiskFoundation™) offering access to users across the organization. Risk, finance and liquidity teams can easily access the same asset, off-balance sheet exposure, repo,derivative and counterparty data for faster and more efficient regulatory ratio calculations. The consistent data quality checks and archiving procedure across risk types increases the reliability and accuracy of the data used in the calculations. Additionally, the platform is extensible allowing customers to maximise their initial investment by adding additional Moody’s Analytics solutions for ALM, scenario analysis, limits
management, credit risk origination and internal rating models on the same platform.

Open Architecture
A key benefit of RiskAuthority is its open architecture that works with existing data source systems for smoother data extraction and loading.
Customers can rapidly deploy the solution, expand users and volume and integrate into any additional upstream and downstream systems.
Streamlined Regulatory Reporting
RiskAuthority includes the languages and formats used by local supervisor’s in over 50 countries and counting. Leveraging Moody’s Analytics awardwinning Regulatory Reporting Tool (RRT), the solution offers over 2000 pre-configured reporting templates, satisfying group and multi-jurisdiction reporting requirements within one solution. Its flexibility allows you to use the outputs from RiskAuthority alongside imported results from other systems. And Moody’s Analytics integrates the latest regulations as they evolve, saving you the time and effort of building and updating your own regulatory reports.
Award Winning Software You Can Trust
Used by over 120 financial institutions globally for Basel I and II risk management we have the knowledge and experience to make our solution work for you. Our dedicated team of implementation consultants will help design your implementation plan and keep your project on track. While our in-house training experts can help train your employees on the latest regulatory risk and finance issues. And to prove our success, Risk Magazine readers have voted our software the number one regulatory capital calculation solution for the last four years and Asia Risk readers voted Moody’s Analytics number one for liquidity risk management in 2010.

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