DowJones FACTIVA Watch List는 금융기관의 자금세탁방지시스템(AML)의필수 기능인 정치적 주요인물(PEP) 및 금융거래제한대상자의 LIST를Daily 제공하는 서비스로서, 2007년부터 ㈜유니타스가 국내 독점 공급을 하면서 11개 은행에 직접 계약을 체결하여 서비스를 하고 있는 세계 최고의 AML Watch List제품입니다.저희 유니타스는 회사 부설 금융 컴플라이언스 연구소(CoC, Center of Compliance)를 통해서 AML과 Watch List에 관한 금융기관 지원을 신속하게 대처하고 있으며증권회사보험회사 에 대한 지원도 준비를 완료하였습니다.

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Know The Name, Know The Connection, Know The Risk
Dow Jones Watchlist
is a structured global database that dramatically
simplifies the challenge of identifying risk in your customer base. With
comprehensive profiles of high-risk individuals and entities, you will have the
critical data you need to avoid regulatory action, financial penalties and
reputational damage.
The world’s largest financial institutions, including four of the top five global
banks, trust Dow Jones Watchlist to:
Minimize risk within their customer base – ensuring customers are an
opportunity for growth, not a threat to business.
Pinpoint true risk – with coverage focused on high-level risk to safely
reduce false positive rates.
Improve efficiency in client screening – by integrating our robust data
feed into name matching software.
Speed up manual investigations – with comprehensive second-level
identifiers including date of birth, name in original script, gender and many
Achieve consistency in compliance standards globally – by relying on
a trusted supplier to provide comprehensive global coverage and local

Comprehensive Protection From Regulatory Risk
Supported by long-established editorial skills, proprietary news and research
resources, and state-of-the-art-technology, Dow Jones Watchlist delivers
the very best in content and functionality to customers:
Industry standard for high-quality, focused PEP data built around a
documented definition developed with input from regulators and
Complementary global coverage of other high-risk categories
including relatives and close associates, government sanction lists and
other official lists and high-profile criminals.
Comprehensive, complete and accurate profiles containing critical
second-level identifiers gathered using the unmatched research skills of
our editorial team and our exclusive access to the Factiva news archive.
Highly structured data optimized for integration into existing
compliance applications that harnesses Dow Jones’s long heritage of
structuring and categorizing open source information.
Seamless access to Factiva for robust media searches on individuals
and entities globally.
The Dow Jones Exclusion Rule developed using a tried and tested
statistical concept to provide year of birth information for every PEP
covered by international anti-money laundering regulation.

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