Moody's Anlaytics에서는 새로운 화면과 기능을 강화시킨 CreditEdge서비스(베타버전)을 출시하였습니다.  

Corporate Communications

Welcome to the New CreditEdge® website

Dear CreditEdge User,

We would like to welcome you to our new CrediEdge (Beta) website. The new CreditEdge website has been developed with our clients in mind and leverages the latest web technologies. Additional content and features as well as an enhanced layout, provide greater insight into your risk monitoring and investment management process.

We hope you will enjoy being one of the first users of the new CreditEdge website and having the opportunity to provide feedback. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or training required.

How do I access the new CreditEdge website?


Go to and enter your CreditEdge username and password


You will have access to your existing CreditEdge portfolios and changes will be saved in both sites

What has changed in the new CreditEdge?

A more intuitive design that highlights in each page the most important information

Enhanced portfolio views with aggregate trends and charts of your portfolios

Interactive charts: tooltips, zoom, ability to export to JPG and CSV files

Ability to customize all your charts (scale, legend, line color and styles)

An easier to use but more comprehensive query and reporting functionality

An easy to use wizard to import your portfolios

Revamped alerts

Type ahead search

5 years of daily EDF data

New identifiers including NAICS and Bloomberg IDs

More comprehensive bond features: portfolios, screener, charting and reporting

What are the main features we have not developed yet in new CreditEdge?


Ability to share portfolios (expected to be available by December 2013)


Solver, override and calculator functions (expected to be available by 2Q14)


Stressed EDF measures portfolio view (expected to be available by 2Q14)

How do I learn about future updates to new CreditEdge?

Every time new features are released you will receive an email describing the most recent enhancements.
Please contact us or use the feedback icon on the website iconto provide any suggestions.

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